Way to go Two Rivers Middle School Student Council!

kidshumaneThe TRCS Middle School Student Council took a trip last Friday to three of our community organizations – the Humane Society, the Hunger Coalition & the Hospitality House – to make some special deliveries.

First, they visited the Humane Society where they delivered a donation of $96.00 Рthe proceeds from the Valentine’s Day fundraiser. The cats and dogs were just as excited as the humans who received the donation!

The second leg of their goodwill journey was to the Hunger Coalition. There, they unloaded a donation of 525 lbs. of canned goods that were gathered during the can drive at the beginning of the semester! Thank you to all of our families who participated in this wonderful donation drive – they were very thankful and our contribution did make a difference.

The final stop was the Hospitality House where they delivered a donation of $125 in cash – the proceeds from the middle school Halloween dance – and a trunkload of canned goods. The students took a tour of the Hospitality House and learned more about the services they offer to our community. What an amazing community organization.

The student council had the privilege of making these deliveries, but would like to thank everyone for giving generously in the past months to support these wonderful community organizations. There were lots of warm fuzzy feelings to be able to make this delivery on behalf of the school.


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