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October 1, 2014

From the Director

This week’s letter from the SPARK behavior
support system is R for Respectful.
• I will follow directions and requests made by the adults at school.
• I will seek and value multiple perspectives.
• I will show courtesy with good manners.
• I will take care of school property and materials.
• I will ask before using other people’s property and take care of it when I use it.

Respect is the core of our interactions with others and the development of self-worth. We will be working very hard on this dimension of the behavior system and appreciate the collaboration with families.


Hello TRCS! We have a couple reminders for you this week!

  • First, the next PTO meeting is Monday, October 6th at 5pm. Dinner will be provided. We would love to see you there!
  • Second, teacher appreciation week is rapidly approaching! It will be help the week of October 20-24th. Help your child brainstorm about ways you can show our wonderful teachers how much we appreciate their hard work.

Have a great week!


Class NEWS

Adventure Fitness

Fall can be a difficult time to plan for being outside during Fitness class. Layers are ideal, as they provide you with options because the weather will change from moment to moment. The weather at school will, invariably, be different than at your home. Hats, scarves, gloves, buffs, and an extra pair of socks(for after class) can make the class, and the rest of your day, far more comfortable.
Students, please continue to wear shoes that stay on your feet while active. Shoes should have a back to them. When you run with backless sandals or Crocs, your form changes into an awkward shuffle.

Fitness Club

Fitness Club held our first test day of the year. Here are the results:

  • Pushups: (7th grade) Zeb- 15, Wilson- 15; (6th) Ivan- 25; (5th) Sidra- 15, Lily- 10
  • Pushups in 4:00: (6th) Rowen- 95
  • Chinups: (5th) Sidra- 5
  • Chest Walks: (7th) Samara- 3
  • Handstand against the wall: (7th) Zeb- 1:05; (6th) Lemuel- 1:02
  • Forearm Plank: (5th) Sidra- 1:00
  • High Jump: (8th) Joe- 30”; (7th) Samara- 30”, Chandler Ann-30”;(6th) Lemuel- 40”, Ivan- 41”;(5th) Moses- 35”, Landon- 37”, Mosaic- 30”
  • Jump Rope in 1:00: (7th) Samara- 110, Deja- 100;(6th) Lemuel-112, Colter- 151
  • Double Unders: (8th) Claire- 6;(7th) Zeb- 16
  • 55m: (8th)Donnie- 8.80; (7th) Galen- 9.34, Zeb- 9.84; (6th)Lemuel- 9.19, Ivan- 9.48, Colter- 9.14
  • 200m: (8th)Donnie- 38.49; (6th)Lemuel- 35.97
  • 800m: (6th)Colter- 2:52
  • On a separate day, Sadye in 8th grade broke the girls’ Double Unders record by doing 100 in a row.

Dates to Remember

  • October 6 – PTO Meeting, 3:30
  • October 8-10 – 6th Grade Buffalo Cove
  • October 16 – Early Release @ 11:30 (No After School)
  • October 17 – No School, Teacher Work Day
  • October 22-24 – 7th Grade Buffalo Cove
  • October 30 – Early Release & Parent Conferences (No after school care)
  • October 31 – Early Release & Parent Conferences (No after School Care)
  • October 31: Halloween Costume Parade (Please, no costumes with masks, blood, weapons, or anything that will frighten younger children)


ASU GAME DAY on King Street and at Boone Mall.

TRCS 8th Graders are working hard to raise money for their Spring 2014 trip to Washington DC.  Please come buy some yummy Krispy Kreme donuts THIS SATURDAY October 4th downtown and at the Boone Mall from 2-5pm
Tell your friends.

~ Thanks, The Eight Graders

Garden NEWS

WOW! We had so much help in the garden this week from community members!! Big thanks to the following people for helping in the garden this week: Claire Buford and Laura Wolpert, Sydni and Sophia Carmichael and Tasha Yoder, Teila Eddins and Lindsay Smith. These dedicated community members worked to pull weeds and get our paths mulched. The garden looks beautiful, so if you haven’t been up there yet, now is a good time to visit!

This week in the garden: The kinders have signed up to take care of the garden this week. If you have a student in kindergarten, you might consider coming one day after school to spend some time in the garden. There are always weeds to be pulled and other various projects in the works. Second grade went to the garden this week and studied the seed stage of a plant’s life. Ask your second grader about what seeds they found and how seeds travel. Don’t forget about the garden work day this weekend. It will be Sunday, October 5th from 12-3pm (weather permitting). Bring a snack and your water bottle and come out for some fall garden fun!


Ms. Dani

Yearbook Group Meeting

Wednesday, October 1st at dismissal. Please join us if you are interested in helping make the yearbook! Plan to meet for 45 min- 1 hr. We will discuss sponsorships, new ideas, and answer questions. Regular meeting times will be scheduled. Please know what days work best for you and your family.