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March 25, 2015

From the Director

Spring Break!

We have made it through ¾ of the school year! Spring Break begins with an early release this Friday at 11:30. There will not be after care.

Report Cards

Report Cards are scheduled to be sent home after Spring Break in the April 8 Wednesday folder.

Welcome James Bell

James Bell has been hired as the 6th grade long-term substitute while Mr. Adam takes paternity leave. James holds a Master’s degree in education and previously taught middle school in California. James loves the outdoors and looks forward to trip to Buffalo Cove.  Welcome, James!

Announcing the 3rd Annual Two Rivers  Student Art Show at Shear Shakti!

Once again, our fabulous students have been invited to show artwork at a local business in downtown Boone.  Come out to ART CRAWL Friday April 3rd to check out the art.  Student artwork will be for sale with the proceeds benefiting the arts at Two Rivers.  These young artists are using their talent to generate the funds for more inspiring projects and possibilities.  Please come and check it out and support the arts in our school and community.  If you can’t make the opening, the show will be up through the month of April.

*If you are able and would like to bring some refreshments to share at the opening or if you would like to help hang the show early next week, please contact Ms. Kelly at

Thanks for your continued support

Charlotte Baxter of Shear Shakti.
693 W King St, Boone, NC 28607
(828) 865-7425



Thank YOU!

Several folks have uploaded some great photos. Keep ‘em coming!  We appreciate your help.

8th Grade Parents

Your Student should have received information and an order form to place a baby (or childhood) photo in the yearbook.  This is FREE! The yearbook staff has a fun time putting this project together. Please, help us to make sure that everyone is able to be included in this project. If you have questions or issues, contact the group.

Parents & Staff

Help us fill the library so we can make an awesome yearbook. Submit your pictures by following the instructions below.

We are looking for photos that fall in the following categories:

  • Extra Curricular Activities (ie: sports teams, clubs, groups, etc.)
  • Field Trips and Expeditions
  • All on and off campus activities (ie: Peace Feast, the Middle School Dance, parties, races, etc.)


Please share your photos to make our book awesome!

Go to: You will need a code to access this site. Your code is: ISHTYC

Once you upload your images, please label the students & their grade. The yearbook could not happen without your donated photos, thanks. Order Forms will be coming home soon!

Dates to Remember

March 27 – Early Release (11:30) – No After Care

March 30-April 3 – Spring Break!

Open Houses

  • Tuesday, April 7 6:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Friday, April 10 6:00pm – 7:00pm
  • April 24 – Enrollment Application Deadline
  • April 27 – Enrollment Lottery
  • May 12 – Kindergarten at Letterland
  • June 10-12 – Snow Day Makeup

News & Reminders

We Love Magic Tree House Books!

The Magic Tree House books are very popular with our students who are just beginning to read chapter books.  Even older students enjoy Jack and Annie’s adventures.  If you have copies that you would like to find a good home for, please donate them to Two Rivers.  I try to give books to students for summer reading and these are perfect for many of our children.  Thanks so much!

~ Joy Schlagal

EOG Testing Reminder

Please make a note that our End of Grade tests will now be administered June 1–June 12.  These are the last two weeks of school after adjustments for snow days.  Please do not plan any doctor appointments, vacations, or days away from school during the last two weeks.  As testing time draws near a detailed schedule will show what days each grade level will be testing.  Also, please remember we need many proctors and this is a way to get your volunteer hours in for this school year.

~ Joy Schlagal

Fitness News

Due to some community members’ wonderings and to avoid the creation of errant myths, I am providing the list of school records. Although, some of these achievements certainly deserve to be transformed into song and performed around a campfire.

All exercises must be executed with strict, perfect form and through a full range of motion. The exercises where breaks are allowed are during timed events only, as in Chinups in 4:00. Otherwise, the student must remain in that exercise’s position throughout the test. Exercises applicable for a school record are always being added.

Yes, these numbers are correct, even the unbelievable ones.

Girls record/ Boys record

  • Wall-Sit: Catie P.– 2 hours/ Sam W.– 1:03:21
  • Pistols(one-legged squats in a row, each leg): Catie P.– 100/ Ivan T.– 20
  • Pistols with 30lbs.: Catie P.– 5/ none
  • Pushups: Savanna R.– 75/ Josiah C.– 225
  • Pushups in 4:00: Sadye F.–69/ Darion W.– 110
  • Pushups on Rings: Savanna R.– 16/ Sam W.– 26
  • 1-Arm Pushups: none/ Daniel C.– 5
  • Chin-ups: Savanna R.– 13/ Aidan P.– 21
  • Chin-ups in 4:00: Savanna R.– 26/ Aidan P.– 45
  • Chin-ups with 30lbs.: none/ Aidan P.– 5
  • Muscle-up: none/ Aidan P.– 1
  • Handstand against a wall: Erin M.– 4:20/ Dargan P., Elias G., Terran M., &  Simon A.–2:00
  • Freestanding Handstand: Erin M.– :50/ none
  • Handstand Pushups against wall: Erin M.– 12/ Josiah C.– 6
  • Chest Walks: Erin M.– 20/ Ivan T.– 10
  • Jump Rope in 1:00: Maria G.– 227/ Sam W. 181
  • Jump Rope in 3:00: Maria G. 489/ Sam W. 552
  • Double Unders in a row(jump once, spin jump rope twice):
  • Sadye F.– 100/Beckham J.– 130
  • Double Unders in 2:00: Hannah T.– 130/ Beckham J.– 130
  • Two Person Double Unders: Hannah T.& Catie P.– 18/ none
  • Jump Rope Unbroken: Grace B.– 1022/ Nicholas D.– 650
  • High Jump and land on feet: Catie P.–48”/Lemuel M. 47”
  • Forearm Plank: Samara C., Olivia N.– 5:30/ Aidan P.– 15:00
  • Toes-to-Bar: Erin M.– 30/ none
  • 55 meters: Maria G.– 7.53/ Grant P.– 7.41
  • 200m: Savanna R.–29.71/ Connor C.– 26.96
  • 800m: Maddie S.– 2:37/ Grant P., George K.– 2:16
  • 1600m: Ayla A.– 6:25/ Grant P.– 5:23
  • 2400m: Sidra M.– 10:41/ George K.– 9:30
  • Backwards Mile: Emma T.– 11:10/ Sam W.–10:09
  • Walking Lunges: Hanna T., Catie P.– 800 meters/ none

Class news

Sixth Grade

The sixth grade has been hard at work the last couple weeks.  Last week, after studying how light travels and how pinhole cameras (also known as a camera obscura) work, the class worked in small class to design their own camera obscuras without any directions.  Their final products demonstrated a lot of hard work and creativity!  While some had a narrow field of view, every single one was able to project the sun onto their screen.  This week, we’re working to create a scale model of the inner solar system that not only demonstrates the sizes of the sun and inner planets, but also the distance between them.  The class decided that a scale of 300,000 miles to 1 foot would be both challenging and manageable.  Weather permitting, we hope to have it on the roadside later this week!  Please check it out… while driving safely of course.

Also, on a personal note, this is my last week at TRCS until next year.  I’ll be taking paternity leave the next ten weeks to be at home with my daughter, Eleanor Jones, born December 28 last year.  My long term sub, Mr. James Bell, has experience as a long term sub in middle school and is excited about finishing up the year with this awesome group of sixth graders.  I  know he is going to do a great job, and I can’t wait to visit for a lunch to two.  I hope everybody has a great Spring Break, and I look forward to seeing people out-and-about this spring and summer.  CHEERS!

Middle School

We have exciting news from the middle school!

Four middle school students recently traveled to Selma, Alabama for the 50th anniversary commemoration of the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery. Carmen McKee, Galen Miller, Fiona Marty, and Jimmy Brown traveled with 12 students from county schools and home schools to attend speeches by John Lewis and President Barack Obama, and to participate in the March across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. They will be sharing their experiences in presentations to their classes.

Seventh grader, Steely Forrester, competed in a “regional” spelling bee for nonpublic schools on March 9 in Winston-Salem. Steely competed against students from private and charter schools in that area. She went several rounds one-on-one with the winner and eventually earned second place.

Seventh grader, Jimmy Brown, will compete in the state geography bee in Charlotte on March 27. Jimmy earned his place at the state bee after winning the school bee and completing a National Geographic exam.

Twelve middle school students participated in the Model UN program at ASU last Wednesday, March 18. Two Rivers Community School was represented by Emma Tzotchew, Huxley Sinanian, Claire Bowling, Amelia Darnell, Sadye Franklin, Megan Lewis, Mairin Jacquot, Mercer Fischer, Steely Forrester, Fiona Marty, Jimmy Brown, and Galen Miller.

Three delegation earned awards. Emma and Huxley and Fiona and Steely received Honorable Mention. Jimmy and Galen received Best Delegation.

Upcoming Events

The eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. is right around the corner! They will visit our nation’s capital April 13 through 17. Students will tour monuments, The Holocaust Museum, The National Capitol, The Library of Congress,  and The Supreme Court Building. They will be accompanied by Ms. Kelly Lynn, Ms. Rachel, Coach Pack, and Ms. Ali.
The eighth grade adventure trip will take place May 6, 7, and 8. Mr. Clint and Ms. Rachel will go with them.
Seventh grade will go to Buffalo Cove May 13, 14, and 15 with Ms. Kelly Lynn and Mr. Ryan.


Finish this phrase “In 1492, Columbus…. “That’s right “sailed the ocean blue.” This simple rhythm and rhyme has helped us remember the significance of that date for many years.  There is no doubt about it, this rhyme and all those other songs we sang in school to memorize different topics still stick with us today.
Singing is a great teaching tool especially for language learners as it greatly assists with memorizing difficult words and phrases and even pronunciation.  This is why as often as possible, songs and motions are incorporated into Spanish class even at the higher levels.  For example, 6th grade students have been singing conversational phrases to familiar tunes such as the question, “¿Qué te gusta hacer (3x) los viernes?” and its response “Me gusta leer (3x) los libros.” to the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down.” 8th graders are even joining in by learning Subject Pronouns to the tune of “Do-Re-Mi” from The Sound of Music.  Students at younger grade levels have been used to this from the start and recently have been learning to count by 10’s to the tune of ”La Cucaracha.”
When these catchy songs get stuck in their heads, the language learning process is not only easier but fun, so continue to encourage your kids to sing what they have been learning in Spanish class and to even invent their own rhymes and songs for learning concepts in other classes.

-Srta. María