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November 19, 2014

From the Director

Weather Delays and Closings

Thank you to everyone who signed up for text/email notifications. That system worked well for the announced delay Monday evening. If you have not yet had an opportunity to sign up, send a text message to (704) 310-5559 with the message: @drrizo. If you prefer to receive email notifications, send an email to: You can leave the subject line blank.
We have multiple notification points in case of delay or closure. For this recent event, we were locked out of Ray’s until shortly after 8 am. If you don’t see a notice in the usual place you look or listen, here is the complete list of sites that we notify:
1.    The TRCS telephone message
2.    The TRCS website (
3.    TRCS text & email notification (the one described above)
4.    Ray’s Weather (
6.    WATA 1450 AM
7.    WMMY 106.1 FM
8.    WECR 102.3 FM
9.    WZJS 100.7 FM
We will make every effort to have delays or closings announced by 6:30 am. If there is a delay, please check back after 8:30 to see if the delay has changed to a closure. Closure by Watauga Schools doesn’t mean that Two Rivers will be closed. Watauga makes decisions for school busses and teen-age drivers which makes them necessarily much more conservative. If you haven’t seen Superintendent Elliot’s article on closures, you can read it on—scroll to the bottom for the article: Superintendent Prepares School Families for Winter Weather’s Impact on Schools.

Dates to Remember

  • November 26-28  – NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break
  • December 6 – Peace Feast

News & Reminders

Thank You, Sponsors!

Two Rivers Community School thanks our generous donors for the 2014-2015 school year. Our school relies heavily on the financial support of our community to help us continuing making a significant contribution to the children and families that we serve. Donating to our school provides an opportunity for families and businesses to invest in the future of our community. Thank you to all of the sponsors who have donated so far this school year.

Sponsorships are available at the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels beginning at the $100 level, all donations are 501(c)(3) tax deductible donations. This year’s donors:

  • XP Climate Control, LLC:     Gold
  • Boone Saloon:     Gold
  • The Happy Place:     Silver
  • First Pioneer Insurance    Silver
  • Leslie Kern    Bronze
  • Plan B Corner Market    Bronze
  • High Country Academy    Bronze
  • Appalachian Baby Co.    Bronze

Holiday Store Coming Dec. 12

(see flyer for more details)
It’s time to gear up for our annual Holiday Store.  Every December, our 4th grade class takes on a great service project:  the Ho! Ho! Holiday Store.  We ask families to make a donation of gently used or unused items that could stock our store for students to do their holiday shopping. The 4th graders will sort and price (0.50- $2.00) all the goods and on December 12, all students will have a chance to come down and shop for each member of their immediate families for just a few dollars.  All money made from the store will go to help TRCS families in need this holiday season.


Wanted: PTO Officers

The TRCS PTO needs officers to meet monthly and assist with fund raising and teacher needs.  After school is provided for free as a courtesy as is dinner if meetings are held at this time. The PTO plays an important role in supplementing needs in the school.  Money raised pays for teacher trainings that support the Expeditionary Learning philosophy, the garden, financial assistance for Buffalo Cove and After School, classroom needs, art, fitness, and brain gym tools (and that fancy lice lamp Mrs. Beth has in the office:) ~ As you see, the PTO is an important variable in the equation for the success of our school, but we need your support. Respond to this email or if you have questions or would like to be a part of the team. TOGETHER WE STAND…..

Wanted: Peace Feast Volunteers Saturday December 6th

The Peace Feast is our largest fundraiser of the year, but it is also time to gather in fellowship with our Two Rivers Community School friends and family.  The volunteer calendar has been updated and applications have been activated.  Please log in to see if you can help. Respond to this email or with questions.

Wanted: Silent Auction Committee Members

If you have a talent for asking for free stuff, contact

Past donations included:

  • acupuncture
  • massage
  • weekend vacations
  • art
  • handmade jewelry
  • pottery
  • gift certificates to restaurant’s, grocery stores, etc.
  • fly fishing lessons
  • tubing
  • baby sitting
  • tree removal/landscaping
  • oil changes/ tires

You get the idea.  Please contact the PTO before you start asking businesses.  There is a procedure to follow.

Wanted: Baked Goods

We will be selling desserts (and sodas) at the Peace Feast. We need desserts to sell.  This is an opportunity for your kids to bond in the kitchen with relatives over the Thanksgiving break,  creating delicious treats. It is great way to get your kids involved in working to support their school (and exercise their brains in culinary and kitchen science).



So, what kinds of topics do we cover in Guidance Class?  Well, I think the best way to address this is to show off some of the amazing work that different classes do during our weekly Guidance times.  Here is a poem written by our 3rd graders as part of our unit on ‘Stress Management’.  Stay tuned for more submissions from other grade levels!


A poem written collectively by the TRCS 3rd Grade Class
Stress is like twisting your body 1,000 times
Or something blowing up inside of you.
Stress makes me feel tired of it, annoyed, like I want to punch something.
Stress is wanting something you don’t get to have.
Or like when you can’t open a door
Stress is like a rock with a pick axe hitting harder and harder
Or Like having something biting me.
Stress makes my head hurt, my throat hurt.
It makes me feel like there are pebbles bouncing around in my stomach
or someone screaming in my ear
or Being trapped under water for a long time
or Being struck by lightning.
Stress is a frustrating feeling that makes me feel mad.
What helps me relax is big, warm, long hug.
I go and talk to an adult.
I doodle on a piece of paper or on a drawing board.
I quietly read a book.
I lie down for a nap.
I laugh at something funny happening.
I go somewhere where I can be alone.

Third grade

Third grade kicked off our Human Body expedition with an experiment trying tasks with and without our opposable thumbs….turns out they are quite “handy”. This week we built our own paper skeletons and we are super excited to take a trip down the mountain to the Discovery Place museum in Charlotte on Friday. We will participate in the Move It or Lose It class and have time to explore the museum. (Please note we will not return to school until 5:15ish on Friday Nov. 21.) Our class is also looking forward to Peace Feast and are looking for donations to the 3,4,5 basket which has the theme of “Winter Fun”.

Fourth grade

November is National Novel Writing Month! The fourth grade has taken on the challenge of setting goals of how many words to write in the month and have been working hard to meet these goals. Our class has written almost 60,000 words in the past couple of weeks, and we hope to reach our goal of 209,420 words by midnight on November 30th. We have been using the Young Writers page to track our progress with bar and line graphs and follow our friends, and the forums to offer advice, encouragement, or ask for inspiration. Ask us about our novels! We will be working for the rest of the year to edit, format, and publish our works in a 4th grade anthology. If you have ever been a writer, wanted to be a writer, or read anything, you know these kids deserve some pats on the back for taking on this challenge! I’m so proud and inspired by the work of these young authors, I only hope that I, too, can find the perseverance to meet my writing goal!
4th grade will also be hosting the Holiday Store. Help us out and bring in items as soon as possible!