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September 24 2014

From the Director

This week’s look at SPARK is the letter A:
Attentive and Aware
•    I will sit up, give eye contact, and track the speaker during class.
•    I will keep my hands and body in my own personal bubble.
•    I will behave in a way that is safe.
•    I will “leave no trace” by picking up after myself and others.
Please support these targets by using them in your home to reinforce positive behavior.  These habits will support learning, positive relationships, and responsibility.
Our first major round of testing is completed: Grades K-3 mClass reading assessments and Grades 4-8 MAP assessments.

Two Parents Needed to help with the annual school improvement plan. This year will be an especially important one as the school reviews its affiliation with Expeditionary Learning. To nominate yourself, please contact Dr. Rizor or Ms. Beth at TRCS.

garden NEWS
Second grade made their first visit to the garden last week. Ask your second grader about the little green caterpillars and what they were doing to our cabbage and kale plants! Last week, Ms. Margie and Ms. Karee from 4-h came to plant some fall plants with the third graders. In October, third grade will harvest these plants and serve them to their parents for their plant expedition exhibition potluck. This week, third graders will harvest potatoes in the garden. Half of the potatoes will go to our neighbor Mr. Norris (who lets us use the garden space) and half of them will be saved for the exhibition.
Reminders/ Dates:
THIS Thursday, September 25th- Garden Committee Meeting, 4pm 3rd grade classroom
NEXT Sunday, October 5th – Garden work-day, 12-3pm

Garden Needs

We still need families to sign up to take care of the garden for the upcoming weeks (including this week). Many hands make light work. To sign up visit:
We also need the following things donated:

  • Large cardboard boxes
  • Fall plant starts (many of our fall plants have already been demolished by pests)

If you are willing and able, please donate your time and/or resources  to the TRCS garden, and don’t forget to log your volunteer hours!
Ms. Dani

Dates to Remember

  • October 6  – PTO Meeting, 3:30
  • October 8-10 – 6th Grade Buffalo Cove
  • October 16  – Early Release @ 11:30 (No After School)
  • October 17  – No School, Teacher Work Day
  • October 22-24  – 7th Grade Buffalo Cove
  • October 30  – Early Release @ 11:30
  • October 31  – Early Release @ 11:30
  • October 30-31  – Parent/Teacher Conferences

Make Time For Reading

We are all familiar with the maxim “Practice makes perfect” and it is certainly true for learning to read well.  All of our students are expected to read at home. Whether students read books that they choose or have special assigned books, it is usually up to parents and families to make sure the practice reading at home actually gets done. We know that evenings are busy times for families, especially if children participate in sports or other activities, but their future depends upon being able to read competently in a variety of genres and formats.

We have found that setting aside time for Family Reading each evening is a practice that works well for many families and actually gives parents a quiet moment, a small break in the daily routine.  This is a time when EVERY member of the family sits down to read for a specified period of time, anything from 20 minutes to an hour.  It doesn’t matter what you read–newspapers, magazines, cook books, how to manuals–as long as you are reading!  Your children will have books they have chosen or books their teacher has designated, or perhaps a Moby Max assignment.  If you have any questions about books or materials, or how you can implement Family Reading time, please call the school and I will be happy to help you.

~Joy Schlagal, Reading Specialist

News & Reminders

Student Spotlight

Six TRCS students participated in the Voices of Peace concert this past Sunday. These students composed and read free verse poems for the Day of Peace. Thank you to Maylin Miller, Samara Carlough, Fiona Marty, Deja and Charlize Bowen, and Tekoa Symmes for your participation and for representing our school at this community event!  We are so proud of you!

Two Rivers Welcomes

Ellie Steele

Many of you have noticed a new voice answering the telephone this past week. We are very happy to have extra help in the office every morning and welcome Ellie Steele into the TRCS family. Ellie is the new administrative assistant, helping out Miss Beth during the busy morning rush. She grew up here in Boone, but left for college at UNC and spent time in AmeriCorps in Providence, RI. After a break in graduate school from working with kids, she is happy to be working with kids again! She is currently finishing up her master’s degree at ASU in Clinical Health Psychology and is applying to doctoral programs in clinical psychology. When she is not working she enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, photography, cycling, and doing anything outdoors.

Yearbook meetings

The first meeting of the YearBook Group will be October 1st at dismissal.


  • Group Advisor(s)
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Layout Designers

*We are, especially, seeking adults willing to take on leadership roles.

If you are interested in any of the available positions or have questions, please contact the yearbook committee ASAP.



Sixth Grade

Sixth grade had space on the brain!  Though it’s not the only thing we are currently studying, you’d be hard pressed to know it based on the talk in the classroom.  Our curriculum covers space exploration (NC 6.E.1.3) and we are currently studying the Gemini missions from the early 1960’s.  We’ve had a lot of fun watching the live feed from the International Space Station as well as videos on how astronauts live on the space station in zero gravity.  It seems everyday somebody comes in with a story they heard in the news about NASA and space taxis or Mars satellites.

We’re also excited about our upcoming Buffalo Cove experience (October 8-10) where we will focus on how our earliest ancestors went from hunter-gatherers to forming the first civilizations like Mesopotamia (NC 6.H.2.3).  We will learn about the primitive technologies that these early people developed and mastered in order to live successfully.  The goal is to view ancient technologies like fire making, agriculture, and irrigation with the same awe and reverence that we view the newest smartphones.

Middle School

In the Middle School we had our Expedition Kick-Off this week with a wild and wacky design challenge in which both 7th and 8th grades participated. Eighth grade’s expedition, “NC Flow,” revolves around rivers and waterways, while seventh grade will focus on The Age of Exploration and innovation with “The Winds of Change.” Eighth grade’s kick-off also includes a canoe trip later this week, and seventh grade will continue to work with design challenges.

The eighth graders are fundraising for their trip to Washington D.C. this spring with lots of enthusiasm. Last weekend we had a yard sale fundraiser that brought in $175. There are many more projects in the works. Thank you to everyone who came out Saturday.  Special thanks to Shirl Weston for hosting the yard sale. Great job, everyone!
In Humanities we’ll soon begin our pen-pal letters to a partner school in Latvia. This is an exciting project that students always enjoy. It is a deep, enriching way to develop a global perspective and expand our understanding of world cultures.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. There are going to be many exciting and challenging adventures in the middle school this year.

-Clint Byers – Science & Math
-Kelly Lynn – Humanities


¡Hola! We are off to a great start this year! Our first 10 days of Spanish have been very productive for all grade levels, and after just a few days of review, we have been able to pick up where we left off from last year. Kindergarteners are even settling into their routines and have adjusted to the immersion experience. They are working on building vocabulary by learning about emotions and family through games and songs, which are also posted on the Spanish website.    1st-5 have finished up reviewing last year’s content and have begun new units to help them build their vocabulary as well, and 6th-8th are focusing on conversational skills by learning how to ask for things in the target language, which also aids in their pronunciation and fluency skills.

Some Spanish Reminders

The Spanish class website is:  This website includes information about expectations, grading policy, contact information, song lyrics, student and parent resources, and more.
Kindergarten Parents- Check the website once or twice a month for the lyrics to the songs that we sing in Spanish class, which are uploaded as we begin each new unit.
Middle school parents (6-8)- Remember to sign and return the “Parent Acknowledgement Form” and return it with your student if you have not already done so.
-Srta. María

Two Rivers hosts a Little Free Library!

What IS a Little Free Library?

“It’s a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. In its most basic form, a Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share. You can, too!” Thanks to Mrs. Mimi and Mrs. Vicki working with Ms. Judith, there is now a Little Free Library at Two Rivers. The mission of Little Free Libraries is to promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide.  Watauga County now has three little free libraries in the community. Valle Crucis Park was the first community in Watauga County to host a Little Free Library, Stone Mountain Store in Bethel and Two Rivers School on Archie Carroll Rd soon followed, each spreading the love and joy of reading, while also fostering a sense of community and connectedness through books.  Watauga County Library’s mission is to promote literacy and lifelong learning and is delighted to host these Twiggs (Little Free Libraries or branches of the library) in the community.  With the aid of Sara Maxey through the NC Little Free Library’s facebook account Watauga Library was able be a part of this endeavor. The idea is to share one’s favorite books, from childhood treasures to your current favorite.  If you see something you would like to read, Take a Book. Look inside and see who gave it or who else has read it. Share it and return the book to the little library or Give books and most importantly enjoy! If anyone would like share the dream by sponsoring books or by building a Little Free Library please call Judith Winecoff at Watauga Library, 828 264-8784. For more information regarding Little Free Libraries

~Mrs. Vicki M. Krueger, Kindergarten Teacher

Earth Fare Healthy Meals Available Tuesdays

Thank you for supporting the Kindergarten class as we save funds that will be mainly for our trip to Tweetsie Railroad’s Letterland Days in May of 2015, but for other adventures, like the Coffey Apple Orchard as well. There are four Tuesdays in October. Please send $16 for lunches using exact change or check. Orders for wraps are sent out by Thursday afternoon for the next Tuesday delivery.

Thank you, Mrs. Vicki, Mr. Ryan and the TRCS Kinders