Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer

10. It is a great way to connect with the TRCS community of other families, teachers and staff.

9. The TRCS volunteer webpage a makes it easy.

8. Each TRCS family is asked to volunteer at least 4 hours per month.

7. Inspire your children to give to their community by getting involved yourself.

6. Everyone has something to contribute because there are endless ways to help.

5. You can volunteer on campus or from home.

4. It is fun to go on field trips, help plan events and attend school functions with your student.

3. You will no longer feel guilty about not being more involved.

2. Volunteers save and raise thousands of dollars each year which keeps money in the budget for your child’s classroom.

1. It feels good to give service, share your talents and make new friends!

What can you do?

There are lots of options. Check out our directory of volunteer opportunities.

New to volunteering?

Create a new Volunteer Information Center profile. Your temporary password will be sent to your email account.


Contact  volunteers@trcsboone.org 

Volunteer Background Check

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