About Us

Two Rivers Community School is tuition-free North Carolina Public Charter School located in Boone, North Carolina.

Download the TRCS Charter.

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Expeditionary Learning Curriculum

Our dynamic curriculum engages students and is designed so that students and teachers develop meaningful relationships based on trust and mutual respect. The Expeditionary Learning curriculum allows them to work collaboratively over time to guide the students’ learning, develop and achieve their goals, and live in the world as engaged citizens.


Two Rivers recognizes the community as one of its greatest resources. The community is the main setting for students’ learning expeditions and the focus for service projects. Learning to interact and utilize community resources is an integral part of the program at TRCS.

Mountain Adventure Program

Students in grades 3-8 participate in the Mountain Adventure Program. Designed by nationally recognized outdoor wilderness education consultants, TRCS educators, and TRCS parents, this program uses experiential learning activities in the outdoor environment as a vehicle for promoting students’ growth.

What we do

We are dedicated to:

  • mastery and application of academic skills
  • applying the latest findings of brain based research in the learning environment
  • respecting children’s individual learning styles
  • producing exemplary, hands on learning expeditions that embody service and meet high academic standards
  • utilizing technology to expand the learning environment
  • presenting material in such a way that students understand the real world applications of what they are learning
  • providing an environment that is supportive and which promotes cooperation and teamwork as well as competitive excellence